Quinoa-stuffed sweet peppers and arugula

Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Peppers and Arugula | Vegan, Gluten-Free

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Servings: 4 peppers

A great meatless recipe for quinoa-stuffed sweet peppers and arugula that is nutritious, filling, and packed with nutrition. Naturally vegan and gluten-free


  • 4 large organic peppers (colour of your choice)
  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa (any colour you prefer, I used mixed)
  • 2 cups organic low-sodium broth (vegetables, or chicken if not vegan), or water and 2 cubes of low-sodium, gluten-free bouillon of your choice (vegetable or chicken if not vegan)
  • 1 large onion minced
  • 2 medium-size carrots cut in 4, lengthwise, and sliced
  • 12 medium-size organic cremini mushrooms cut in half and then thinly sliced
  • 8 large organic kale leaves washed, dried, middle stems removed, thinly sliced in strips
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries (or raisins)
  • 1/4 cup raw walnuts (or pumpkin seeds)
  • extra-virgin olive oil for cooking
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1/8 tsp black pepper
  • 1 1/4 cup organic baby arugula (lightly dressed with 3 Tbsp raw organic apple cider vinegar, 4 Tbsp good quality organic olive oil, and 2 tsp organic maple syrup)


  1. Wash and dry the peppers. Cut the tops off around the stem, in order to keep as much height as possible in the peppers. Remove all the seeds inside and place on a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a medium-size pot, bring the broth (or water with bouillon cube) to a boil, pour the quinoa in, reduce temperature to medium-low, cover and cook for 15-17 min (if the liquid is completely evaporated before the end, add a bit more water). Once cooked, remove from heat, covered, and let sit for 5 minutes.
  3. While this is cooking, on medium heat, sauté the vegetables: add 1-2 Tbsp of olive oil, add the minced onion and cook for 2-3 minutes, then add a bit more olive oil if needed, the carrots and mushrooms, and cook another 3-4 minutes. Add the kale, mix, and cook for 2-3 more minutes. Add the dry cranberries (or raisins) and walnuts, mix, cover with a lid and cook for 1 minute. Turn off the heat.
  4. Turn oven to 400F.
  5. When the quinoa is ready (there should be no more liquid by then), pour it in the pan with all the vegetables, mix, add a pinch of salt (only if needed) and fill the peppers with the mixture until overflowing.
  6. Place the baking sheet with the stuffed peppers in the middle of the oven and cook at 400F for 25-30 min. You want the peppers to be cooked, but still hold their form (i.e., not overcooked and mushy).
  7. Prepare the salad dressing in a small bowl, and dress the baby arugula just before serving.
  8. Enjoy right away.

Note: I do not believe anyone should worry about counting calories, but here is the nutritional information for one serving
Calories: 395kcal | Fat: 15g | Saturated fat: 2g | Sodium: 661mg | Potassium: 1148mg | Carbohydrates: 53g | Fiber: 8g | Sugar: 13g | Protein: 13g | Vitamin A: 11815% | Vitamin C: 190.9% | Calcium: 118% | Iron: 3.8%